Friday, June 15, 2012

My trip to the Gateway Arch

Wow, what a day I had yesterday. I went on one of the longest walks I can remember. It took me all the way to the Gateway Arch and it got even better afterwards.

The day started like so many others. I had a nice dream about chasing squirrels and just when I was about to catch one and eat it, I woke up. My neighbor Burke is up already and he is so noisy in the morning. So instead of tasting squirrel in my dream, I wait until breakfast is served. We get Purina One which is one of my favorites. I don't really know if squirrel would taste similar to my regular dog food. Probably, otherwise they would have no reason to run from us dogs.

After breakfast my buddy Orlando showed up and brought me a Kong toy. I started chewing while he leashed me up. We left Stay Rescue and walked down Washington Avenue. I like this street because as most women I enjoy window shopping. My favorite places are pet supply stores, dog grooming salons and butchers.

When we left Washington Avenue we came to a strange park. It looked like a regular park but it had a large fence around it. Inside, a dog was walking and sniffing around. He did not have to wear a leash. When we got closer the dog came up to the fence and started to bark. Orlando told me to keep quiet, so I kept my mouth shut. We continued our walk and stopped in a little park in downtown St. Louis. We both had something to drink and then Orlando feed me some turkey breast slices. He had me do tricks like "sit" or "lay down" before feeding me. I did really well and was rewarded with lots of turkey breast. I love that stuff and that it is healthy makes it even better.

After our break we continued to walk towards the riverfront. If there is one thing I do not really like about downtown, it is the countless red lights. There is hardly any traffic on most streets but some light says it is not okay to cross the street. Now, I am confessing right here that I am a notorious jaywalker. Orlando is more careful and he makes me stop all the time, too. Despite that, we reached the Arch grounds and I decided to celebrate by rolling in the grass. That seemed to amuse some tourists and I almost got as much attention from them as the Arch.

I really like the Gateway Arch. Did you know that at 630 feet, it is the tallest man-made monument in America? Unfortunately, I am not allowed to go up, so we walked through the park instead and Orlando took some pictures of me in front of the Arch.

Time was really flying by and we had to start walking back towards Stray Rescue. We made a stop at Citygarden, because I like that place so much. I was once again very popular. People came up to me and told me what a nice, good-looking dog I am.

Our next stop was at a weird place. There was a man with a grill just off the sidewalk. The air there smelled really good. Orlando talked to the man and handed him some paper. In exchange, he got something wrapped into aluminum foil. I did not know what it was until I sat down and Orlando unwrapped a sausage. He ripped little pieces off and started feeding me. At that moment I knew what doggy heaven must be like. It was the best sausage I've ever had.

It was getting hot and I really did not want this trip to end, so I made sure a took plenty of breaks on our way back. I even convinced Orlando to stop shortly before we arrived at Stray Rescue. I knew I had to thank him for this trip, so I gave him a big kiss. I hope I get to do this again some time.

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