Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rehabilitation Enrichment Program Day 2

Something strange is going on at Stray Rescue. I have to spend less time in my apartment and instead get to go out more often. But let me start at the beginning of the day.

I woke up this morning and felt a little sore. The two walks in the morning were followed by another walk towards the evening. I am glad the temperature dropped a little bit. I have way more energy in mild weather.

This morning I was one of the first dogs that got to go on a walk. One of the staff members took me out right after eating breakfast. I like going on walks early for two reasons. It is not as hot as later in the day and I often get to see other dogs around the neighborhood.

The walk was shorter than the one I had yesterday, but I did not mind at all. When I returned to Stray Rescue my Kong toy was waiting for me and I still felt a little bit exhausted from the day before.

One hour after returning, the curtain in front of my apartment opened and Orlando stood in front of my apartment. He held a leash in his hand. I wanted to tell him, that I had already been on a walk, but then I changed my mind. I might as well go out again. So I grabbed my Kong and almost ran to the exit door. Orlando followed me and opened the door. 

Once outside, I pulled on the leash as strong as I could. I had to get away from the building as quickly as possible. Otherwise someone might tell Orlando, that I had already been on a walk. However, he kept stopping me and told me to walk next to him, instead of pulling on the leash. Since I did not have time for long discussions, I did as I was told. I was relieved when we turned around the block and out of sight of Stray Rescue. It was 9.30 am and I was on my second walk of the day. I was one happy dog. As a reward for Orlando, I dropped my Kong toy, so that he could play with it for the rest of the walk.

We walked around the neighborhood and went to the same area as the day before. On one of the streets I found some chicken bones, but Orlando pulled me away from them and told me to "leave it". I didn't offer any resistance because I was still full from breakfast. "Leave it" is a phrase Orlando tells me, when I am doing something that I should not be doing. I follow this command most of the times and normally I get compliments for following commands or I get petted.

Today I found another amazing spot of grass, so I rolled around a little bit. Orlando snapped a picture of me and he lets me use it for my blog.

Afterwards, we walked back to Stray Rescue, but instead of heading for the entrance, we went to the yard. We had one of the smaller fenced yards, so there was no doggy pool. However, there were a lot of toys. 

After some sniffing around the yard, I walked over to Orlando. He took a tennis ball and threw it for me. I ran after the ball, grabbed it and ran back to Orlando. I made sure to keep a safe distance from him because  he looked like he wanted to take the tennis ball away from me. Once he realized that I would not give him the tennis ball back, he picked up another tennis ball and threw it. Now I had to make a decision. I could either stay with my tennis ball, or I could run after the other one, that was bouncing through the yard. I went for the bouncing one. As soon as I returned that one, Orlando threw the first tennis ball again, so I had to run and get that one back now.

After a while, I changed my strategy. I took the one tennis ball I already had and went running after the other ball. However, despite my best efforts, I could not fit both of them in my mouth. At that point, I decided it was time to take a break and I just lay down in the shade with my two tennis balls.

Orlando sat next to me and started petting my head. Normally, I am not a big fan of getting petted, but I was too tired to move and being petted did not feel too bad. After a while, I actually started to enjoy it. I rolled on my back, so Orlando could scratch my belly. It felt almost like being at the doggy spa. Not that I would know, what doggy spa actually feels like, but I imagine it must feel something like this.

Now, it was my turn to do something nice for Orlando. I decided to show him one of my favorite tricks. Luckily, he decided to pick up a frisbee and throw it. I ran after it and was almost able to catch it. I had better luck on one of the next throws, when I was actually able to jump up and catch the frisbee mid-air. Orlando was really impressed, I could tell.

After some more doggy massage, it was time for me to cool down inside. So I was leashed up and we walked back to the building. My plans for this afternoon are a nice long nap, followed by some Kong chewing, eating dinner and then I am going for a walk later this evening.

Thank you for reading. Woof!

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