Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunday and Monday

I am sorry for not blogging for a while. I could come up with some excuse for it (the internet was slow, my neighbor's barking keeps me up at night, I had the flu), but I am an honest dog. I was way too busy chewing my Kong toy these last few days. They say, these toys are almost indestructible. Well, I am on a mission to prove them wrong and I am proud to say, that I am actually making some progress.

So, you probably want to know how I have been. Well, this weekend has been quite relaxing for me. I enjoyed the nice weather while out on walks.

Orlando and Kim took me for a walk on Sunday evening. Actually, Orlando took me for a walk. I felt bad for Kim, because she had no walking buddy, so I let her carry the Kong. I think she liked that.

After a little walk we returned to Stray Rescue and went to one of the yards. There, Kim brought me some water, which I highly appreciated. Someone told me that it is important to stay hydrated, especially for dogs.

In the yard, we played some games. I really enjoyed fetching tennis balls and playing tug o' war. I am really good at both of them.

Monday was just a regular day, except that the weather cut our morning walk short. Nobody had any interest in staying out longer than necessary. Orlando and Kim came by in the evening and took me out. I had more energy than the day before and I was just excited to be out. I fell in love with a little patch of grass right in front of the FBI building. I just rolled around in it on my back.

After the walk, we went to the yard, where we played games and Orlando had me walk next to him without a leash. I did a really good job on that. It is not much harder than walking on a leash. I just have to make sure, I do not get distracted.

When it was time to go inside, I decided to trick Orlando into playing another round of tug o' war with me. I grabbed the leash and started pulling on it and Orlando held on to it tight. I got really excited that my trick worked so well. Unfortunately, it didn't last for long though. He simply let go of the leash and so I lost all interest in the game. Since it was getting late anyway, I walked quickly back to my apartment in the shelter.I could tell that all the other dogs were jealous that I got to stay out late.

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