Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday

The weather here in St. Louis is back to hot and dry and so Orlando comes to Stray Rescue in the mornings. Tuesday was a great day. One of the staff members took me to the yard in the morning and for a walk afterwards. I thought, okay, that is it until later in the afternoon. I was wrong.

Orlando took me for another walk in the morning. It was getting really hot, so he wanted to keep it short. However, I had other plans. Something was telling me, that I should go to the park across from Union Station. So i just pulled Orlando along. He seemed to be impressed by how well I was coping with the heat.

At the park, a couple came up to us and the man seemed to be very friendly and asked if it would be okay if he petted me. Of course, that is okay! I love to be petted! He was surprised by how nice I was. Orlando pointed out that I am available for adoption. Unfortunately, the couple was from out of town, so that would not work out.

The man said though, that he has a friend in St. Louis who might be interested. So he took a picture of me with his phone and sent it to his friend with a link to Stray Rescue's website. I made sure to look good in the picture, so I lay down in the grass and smiled.

Upon our return to Stray Rescue, Orlando and I went to the yard and played for a while. I was glad that there was some fresh water, because at this point I was sweating under my coat.

Orlando and I played our own form of soccer. He tries to dribble past me with a tennis ball and I am trying to not let him pass. I am clearly better than he is. He says that I have an unfair advantage because I have four legs. But I think he is just a sore loser.

On Wednesday, my walk in the morning was shorter and I did not get to play in the yard in the morning, so I was hoping that Orlando would take me out again. I thought it would not happen, when I saw a staff member starting to hand out our afternoon treats. I normally get a Kong toy filled with peanut butter. In case the human readers of my blog are wondering how that tastes, let me tell you, it is delicious!

So I was just getting really excited about my afternoon snack, when Orlando showed up, leash in his hand. I knew what that meant, so I grabbed my Kong, he put me on the leash and out of the building we went. It felt like Christmas and Easter at the same day!

This time I carried the Kong toy myself, until there was no peanut butter left. Once I had licked it all out, Orlando got to carry it for the rest of our walk.

I have to tell you, this heat is starting to get to me, so when we came back to the yard, I mostly just lay around. I played a couple of rounds of fetch with Orlando but afterwards we decided to just hang out for a bit. He took the following picture of me, that shows how exhausted I looked.

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