Saturday, June 9, 2012

Visit to Citygarden

Yesterday was definitely a busy day. So busy actually that I just now get the time to blog about it.

As part of the enrichment program, I get to go to new places. This helps to socialize me and prepares me to live in a non-shelter environment. I am a very curious dog, so everything new fascinates me.

Orlando picked me up at the shelter in the morning and at first, I thought he is just taking me for a walk. I got really excited when I realized that he is taking me towards Union Station. I have not been that way very often and I was really looking forward to see that area.

It was a typical hot Saint Louis day and so I tried to walk in the shade as much as possible. Thankfully, the Gateway Mall is basically one big park with many trees. Orlando seems to like that there are benches, so he can sit down while I roll around in the grass nearby. Today he brought water and a little plastic container for me, so I can stay hydrated while out and about. I noticed the first time he gave me water, that Orlando spills the remaining water once I am done drinking. So during our next little break, I turned over the container with my nose after I was done. I can really be a helpful dog.

Our walk continued down the Gateway Mall towards the Arch. After the Courthouse building we came to a very nice part of the park, called Citygarden. There are many statues and some fountains. I was more interested in the sprinklers in the grass, though. Orlando actually took me into the grass where the sprinklers were. I enjoyed getting wet, because it felt really refreshing. I made sure Orlando got to enjoy it, too. I skillfully pulled him towards the sprinklers, so he could cool down, too.

Afterwards, we found a bench in the shade and just sat down for a bit. I kept staring around and taking in, what was going on at the park. I wasn't bothered by pedestrians or by kids that were playing nearby. I just looked and sniffed around and enjoyed the nice weather. I also made sure that I was sitting close enough to Orlando, so he could pet me.

We went for a little walk around downtown Saint Louis. I walked very good on the leash and was friendly to everyone we encountered on the sidewalk. I noticed that humans react very different to meeting me on the sidewalk. Some of them seem very friendly and even tell me, what a good-looking dog I am, while others seem to be afraid of me and keep a lot of distance to me. They must think I am an evil dog, although I am very friendly to people. If that happens, I just try to walk as nicely as possible, because I do not want to give anyone a reason to be scared of me.

I do get excited when I see other dogs. I saw several small dogs in downtown Saint Louis. However, I do not bark or try to scare them. We even met a little Chihuahua that barked at me and I just kept my mouth shut. Apparently, we will soon start walking with other dogs at the rescue and if that goes well, I might soon be ready to meet other dogs in the street.

In downtown Saint Louis we met Kim. She and I hit it off immediately. Although she seemed to have a lot of respect for me and would not come too close for me. Once we were at Citygarden, I approached her and licked her hand to show her, that I like her. That made her smile, which I think was a good sign. I hope to see her again soon.

The coolest thing about Kim is, that she has a car. She ended up giving Orlando and me a ride from Citygarden back to Stray Rescue. I like going on car rides. So when the door to the backseat opened and Orlando told me to go in, I jumped right in.

During the car ride I was very excited, because I could see what was going on outside. I tried to climb into the front seat to get a better view, but Orlando told me to stay in the back, so I obliged.

Once back at Stray Rescue, I almost ran back inside. I just had to tell everyone about my visit to Citygarden and how much fun that was. I hope to go back there soon.

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