Monday, July 2, 2012

Here is what you have missed

It has been a while since my last blog post. I apologize for that. I blame my lack of thumbs. The staff and the volunteers at Stray Rescue have kept me busy these last weeks. So instead of recounting every single day, I will share some of my highlights with you.

Probably the best thing that happened to me during these last two weeks is, that I got to move to a different apartment within Stray Rescue. I used to be in the intake room. That is a big room with many single dog apartments. Although I liked the company of the other dogs, I sometimes would have preferred a more quiet environment. Especially around feeding and walking time, the intake room can get really loud. I loved my two neighbors in the intake room, Macintosh and Burke.

Macintosh is a Terrier Mix, just like me. He is a really good-looking guy with a sweet personality. So I was not surprised, when he told me, that he would finally get adopted. He already left the shelter and is in his forever home. I miss him sometimes, but I am sure he enjoys a great life with his new family, so I am really happy for him.


My other neighbor was Burke. They say he is a Hound Mix. I don't know if that is true, but he is certainly a good-looking guy. He has lots of energy and is always ready to go for a walk or to play in the yard. He is still available for adoption, but you better hurry. A handsome, funny guy like him is not going to be around for long. Just follow this link to find out more about Burke.


Okay, so back to me. As I mentioned earlier, I got to move to a new apartment and I can tell you, it is wonderful. I am upstairs in a room all by myself. They told me that eventually a human would be using the room as his office, but I don't mind. I am actually looking forward to some company. I do have to stay in a kennel inside the room, but that is okay. The kennel is comfortable and the Stray Rescue staff makes sure, that it is clean and that I have plenty of food and water. It is like staying at a nice hotel. Every time when I am out on a walk, the maid comes and cleans everything and re-stocks the minibar. I also enjoy to just lay in my crate and chew on some toys.

Playing with a toy in my crate

I have been on plenty of walks these last two weeks. Although with this heat wave, I am always looking forward to returning to Stray Rescue to lay around in the air-conditioned office. Orlando is doing his best to keep me cool when we are out together. We usually make sure that we walk in the shade and he brings water and a small bowl, so I can drink while we are out and about. We also take regular breaks to either just relax or sometimes he makes me do tricks. I like doing tricks because I get rewarded if I do them right. The reward depends on how difficult the trick is. The more difficult, the tastier the reward. Orlando once tried to reward me with carrots, so I just stopped doing what he wanted me to do. He should know that I am a carnivore, I don't like that veggie stuff unless it comes as part of my meat. I do really well with the commands "sit" and "down" and we are still working on "stay". I can already do it for a few seconds if there are no distractions.

Me, doing "sit"

One other thing that I learned is, that fountains can be a double-edged sword. I am not the biggest fan of swimming, so to me a fountain is basically just a big water bowl. So one of these days when I was out on a walk with Orlando, I had a drink at the fountain across from Union Station. Orlando wanted to help me, by forming a bowl with his hands and giving me some water. However, that seemed to take too long, so I decided to drink directly from the fountain. Unfortunately, the surface I was standing on gets slippery when wet and so when I leaned forward, I ended up falling into the fountain. Although I don't really like swimming, it actually felt good to be in the water. Orlando helped me to get out of the water and the sun dried my coat quickly.

Me, all wet after taking a bath
Okay, that's it for now. I hope I will have time to blog more soon. Until then, make sure to keep yourself and your four-legged friends hydrated!

- Sasha

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  1. Sasha, it is a pleasure to get to meet you through this blog! You seem like a bright, well behaved young lady and I am sure that there is just the right home out there for you. I am so glad to read that you have a human friend named Orlando that is getting you out and about around downtown. Have a great 4th of July and I will certaintly spread the word about you and your blog to everyone I know.