Tuesday, July 3, 2012


You hear and read a lot about people going to rehab these days. Not unlike those people, some dogs have issues that need to be addressed. Some dogs bark too much, others bite, while others are afraid of almost everything. Someone once told me that the first step to a successful rehabilitation is to admit that a problem exists.

My problem is that I am not really good with other dogs. This is the reason why I have to stay by myself at Stray Rescue. However, I am determined to work on this problem and to become a canine-loving dog once again.

There used to be a time, when I loved other dogs. I always enjoyed meeting them, playing with them or just hanging out with other dogs. Unfortunately, I made some bad experiences and have been fearful ever since. So now, I am living by myself and also get to go on walks by myself. While I enjoy to be the only dog and having people's attention and affection all to myself, my goal is to be able to get along with other dogs again.

Today, I took the first of many small steps of my rehab program. I got to meet another dog. However, he was very quiet and he smelled weird. He did not smell like other dogs. If anything, he smelled like one of the toys in the yard. His reactions were also rather special. Maybe it was a robot dog, but I enjoyed meeting him nonetheless. I made sure to be friendly with him. I even kissed him on the mouth. He did not seem to be really interested in playing or running around with me, but I had tons of fun!

Meeting my new friend
I am looking forward to continuing my rehabilitation. Apparently, I will be able to go on walks with other dogs soon. I am determined to make this rehab a success story!

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